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Mr. Vikram Trivedi
Vikram Trivedi, the Managing Partner of the Firm, has indeed come a long way in his journey of over 30 years in the profession.

From being a clerk in the Firm to his current avatar as its Managing Partner, Vikram’s profound vision and determination is admirable.

He was admitted to practice in the year 1980 and assumed the role of Managing Partner in 2000.

He is a member of the 'Law Review Reform and Rationalization' Committees of the Indian Merchants' Chamber as well as the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Additionally, he is also on the Editorial Board of 'M&A Critique', a publication specializing in mergers & acquisitions in India.

His transactional practice is as well known as his strategic and formula-based litigation practice in legal circles.

He believes in creating talented enthusiastic advocates and he is proud of the fact that each one of his Partners began as trainees in the Firm.

His vision for the Firm is for it to grow better, faster, stronger, a bigger force to reckon with and to face challenges once thought unbeatable. 

Not only has he led the Firm through several prestigious assignments, but on numerable occasions, the Firm under his leadership has been instrumental in contributing to law through precedent setting judgments and therefore in the true sense of the term, he is the face of the Firm.

Some of his major achievements include:

  • Corporate/M&As/Real Estate:
  • Drafted agreements for a celebrity with two leading entertainment channels for the promotion of a serial;
  • Drafted an agreement for the purchase of a prime property for a leading Indian bank in Mumbai valued at Rs.450 crores;
  • Instrumental in the drafting and signing of a complex family settlement of a leading industrial family;
  • Drafted a global collaboration agreement for a company in which he served as a director;
  • Drafted an agreement in which the Firm’s clients joined hand with another party to develop a property worth 150 crores. This agreement was arrived at keeping various complexities such as pending tenancies and third party rights.
  • Drafted an agreement for development of land owned by a prominent national Trust and for the license of a building used as a hospital, valued at more than Rs.250 crores;
  • Instrumental in procuring an order from the Hon'ble Bombay High Court laying down that when a wholly owned subsidiary company merges with its holding company filing of petition by the transferee company is not necessary.
  • Led the team that worked on the demerger of cement division of a construction giant.
  • Single handedly completed India’s first ever reverse merger for a leading industrial group.
  • Litigation:
  • Represented India’s largest construction giant across all the courts in India successfully against several challenges made to its mega issue of debentures.
  • Procured an order setting aside an order canceling Customs Duty Exemption certificates for a prominent city hospital, without having it to deposit the penalty amount.
  • Represented one of the Princes of the erstwhile Princely States against the nation’s premier line of hotels in reworking the operations contracts of a heritage hotel. This involved working the multifarious wheels of the dispute resolution machinery yielding favorable terms for the Firm’s clients.
  • Provided legal assistance to a government undertaking to promote export insurance in setting up a full fledged factoring business in record time; this included the vetting of a factoring agreement, finance agreement and corporate guarantee.
  • Strategically advised a consortium of industries through complex legal proceedings involving the procurement of environmental clearances. This led to a surge of industrial development in the suburbs of Mumbai.
  • Represented India’s only export insurance undertaking in a contentious litigation that held that the corporation had every right to exercise its discretion while giving specific approvals to any entity or associate if the principal borrower committed a default.
  • Procured a thumping order from Hon'ble Supreme Court for grant of exemption to an educational institution aided by a construction-manufacturing-engineering giant post the landmark judgment of Unnikrishnan Educational institution case;
  • Advising and drafting an array of Performance / Recording Agreements for one of the most popular singers, in all her professional contracts.
  • Advising and initiating appropriate action against Music Companies, Production Houses to protect interests of a legendary singer.

Mr. Sunil Tilokchandani
Sunil Tilokchandani joined MKA in 1994 as an Associate. He was admitted as a Partner in 2000 and has gone from strengths to strengths ever since.

His core practice areas include Corporate M&As, Banking & Finance Law, IPR management, Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and documentation. He has a diverse range of experience and approaches every matter as a new challenge.

Some of his achievements include:

  • Documentation for the purchase of land valued at more than Rs.100 crores for a leading global construction behemoth.
  • Documentation and advisory services for a leading Indian bank which included purchasing a building in the suburbs of Mumbai valued at Rs.230 crores.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions of several group companies across India’s leading industrial houses, corporate and banks.
  • Documentation for the reconstruction of the debts & equities for a leading power generation company.
  • Represented an Industrial Association in the challenge against an unprecedented increase in property taxes.
  • Represented a prominent Manufacturers Association against the exorbitant increase of water charges.
  • Represented a leading Indian bank in a challenge by another bank for purchase of debentures of a finance company.
  • Attending proceedings at three different cities preventing union of employees from conducting any agitation against a merger of a leading Indian bank with another bank.
  • Represented a leading bank, the first of its kind litigation on web marks.
  • Represented a construction giant and fast moving consumer goods brand in various high profile cases involving infringement of trademarks.

Mr. Sachin Chandarana
In keeping with the legacy of the firm, Sachin Chandarana who joined the firm as a Trainee, made his way to become a Partner of the firm in 2005, due to his sheer dedication, team spirit and zeal. Blessed with acute commercial and managerial sense, he has acted as a catalyst in various remarkable matters attended by the firm, whether as a leader or associate.

He has completed his Masters in Law from University of Mumbai and went on to qualify as a Solicitor in India in 2004. Not stopping there, he also qualified and was enrolled on the rolls of the Incorporated Law Society, Law Society UK and the Bar Council of England and Wales as a Solicitor from UK in 2005.

He is a member of Bombay Bar Association, Incorporated Law Society, Law Society, UK and the Bar Council of England and Wales.

His forte is dispute resolution and he believes in strategizing every case and delivering the desired result with the utmost speed.

Following are some of the milestones in his 14 years of career in the profession and the firm:

  • Successfully defended challenge to the Securitization Act in the year 2002 for a leading bank.
  • Created a niche for the firm in the field of Derivative litigations;  
  • Acted as a driving force in obtaining favorable orders in Derivative litigations including :
    • Admission of winding up proceedings;
    • Orders directing injunction and attachment before judgment;
    • Multitude favourable orders upholding jurisdiction of the Debt Recovery Tribunal;
    • A unique order on interpretation of RBI circular in a wilful defaulter case for a leading bank against a pharma major.
  • On account of unique strategies adopted in derivative litigations, assisted Banks in maximizing recovery potential by settling the matters with companies; 
  • Successfully attended to Debenture Trustee related matters and achieved remarkable orders including for appointment of court receiver, order of sale of properties by public auction; 
  • Successfully seeing through an auction sale of property worth Rs.726 crores after seven failed attempts due to extraneous circumstances, for a leading bank; 
  • A recovery of a security deposit Rs.60 crores from the Government of India;
  • Procured a ruling setting aside an order canceling Customs Duty Exemption certificates for a prominent city hospital, without having it to deposit the penalty amount;
  • Has successfully defended injunction against release of a film for a reputed Media & Production House;
  • Successfully defended a reputed Stock Exchange in suit claiming damages of about Rs 200 crores by seeing the matter through settlement ultimately.

Mr. Devyash Chaurasia
Devyash Chaurasia, a graduate of the University of Mumbai, qualified as a lawyer in 1997 and was admitted as a Partner in 2005. He commands specialization in recovery of non-performing assets and securitization actions. His skill lies in his ability to visualize and implement strategies for speedy recovery of non-performing assets and resolving issues arising out of disputes related to securitization. His induction as a Partner was at very early stage of his career stands testament to his commitment and dedication.

He has victoriously lead his team through various complicated cases against defaulting entities on behalf of Banks, FIs, Asset Reconstruction Companies, either by enforcement of securities or strategic settlements. He has also been elected as a Committee Member of the Debt Recovery Tribunal for six consecutive years and is also a member of the Bombay Bar Association. Some of the noteworthy orders he has obtained are:

  • Innumerable Orders for attachment of properties, disclosure of assets, forcible possession of assets;
  • Injunction against guarantors from leaving the country without prior permission of Tribunal;
  • Appointing a receiver of against a large steel company;
  • Decree on admission based on the admission of debt / liability as reflected in the balance sheet;
  • Directing ad-hoc distribution of sale proceeds during pendency of the adjudication of claim of the workers;
  • Rejecting stay application on the ground of manipulation and irregularity of accounts by the company while approaching BIFR.
  • Rejecting stay application on the ground of garnishee notice.
  • Issuance of guarantee notice against a consortium of debtors of a well known publication house.

In addition to the above, he has also been involved with due diligence work for banks while assigning their non performing assets.

Mr. Faisal Sayyed
Faisal Sayyed joined the firm as an intern in 2001 and was admitted as a Partner in 2007. Though, he was involved in diverse litigation matters ranging from civil, contractual, debt recovery, etc, he has maintained a zealous interest in the field of Criminal Law, particularly in economic offences involving corporate houses amongst others.

His result oriented approach in handling any matter and sound grip on the intricate Court procedures & applicable laws has not only helped him create a niche for himself in the field but also give the Firm an all round development across all spheres. Some of the noteworthy orders obtained by him are:

  • Discharge of the Managing Director and other managerial officials of a global construction giant in a case filed against them for cheating and criminal breach of trust.
  • Quashing of various complaints filed under the Security Guards Act on behalf of Managing Directors, chairpersons and managerial heads of two of India's leading private sector banks.
  • Procured anticipatory bail & bail for Directors and managerial officials of a global construction giant in a Complaint filed by a nationally renowned business house involving Information Technology Laws and Telegraph Act amongst others.
  • Quashing of process order in a complaint for the offence of defamation filed by the Director of a borrowing company against the Managing Director, Chairman and directors of one of a major bank.
  • A multitude of orders grating anticipatory bail & bail on behalf of individual clients.
  • Discharge of Managing Director, chairman and other officials of a well known national bank from a complaint in respect of cheating, breach of trust, forgery.
  • Quashing of a complaint filed against the Chairman & Managing Director of a leading construction company in a case filed by the local authority.
  • A long drawn family dispute which lasted many years that involved civil, criminal and family court proceedings. He saw this dispute through to a settlement that greatly favored the firm’s clients.
  • Attended various matters to protect the nominee directors/independent directors of banking companies who have been impleaded as accused in cases under section 138 and other section of Indian Penal Code.
  • A complaint filed on behalf of a business house against its erstwhile directors for fraud and cheating. The accused were arrested and detained in jail for more than 100 days.

Mr. Rashid Boatwalla
Rashid Boatwalla joined the Firm as a trainee in 2004 and was admitted to practice in 2006, being a member of the Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa and was admitted as a Partner of the firm in 2008.

Owing to his keen interest as also sharp drafting & communication skills, he has developed a room for himself in fields of Corporate Laws, Intellectual Property, Cyber Laws & Media Laws.

An advanced diploma in ‘Copyright & Related Rights’ from WIPO and a ‘Diploma in Media Laws’ from NALSAR University, Hyderabad has helped him add an edge in the aforesaid areas and represent the interests of clients effectively in like matters. He has completed a course on Financial Markets held under the aegis of the National Stock Exchange of India. 

He has also authored papers on ‘The Courts vs. The Media’ and ‘The Legal Protocol to Free Expression’.

As a diversion from the law, he also holds an Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering.

The Firm with its strong belief of creating and grooming in-house talent admitted him as a Partner in 2008. He has had the opportunity of working on diverse yet remarkable matters, some of his major achievements include:

  • Corporate/M&As:
  • Due Diligence and drafting documents in respect of Acquisition of the shareholding & Take-over of the control of a corporate entity holding large property used for residential purposes in central Mumbai;
  • Due Diligence and drafting agreements for a leading Italian multinational in its strategic acquisition of a company;
  • Due Diligence and Documentation for acquisition of wind farms across India for a leading green-energy company;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions of several group companies across various sectors such as IT and the construction sector;
  • Drafting detailed Operating Management Agreements for a leading Hotel & Palace Management company;
  • Intellectual Property & Cyber Laws:
  • Represented one of India's leading private sector banks in a challenge involving cyber squatting (domain name disputes) before the World Intellectual Property Organization and procured a favourable award.
  • Advising an international protein supplement distributor chain on the use & protection of Trademarks as also course of action to be adopted in case of infringement & passing off under various legislations;
  • Media Laws:
  • Advising and drafting an array of Performance / Recording Agreements for one of the most popular singers, in all her professional contracts.

Ms. Sanaya Dadachanji
Sanaya Dadachanji began her practice with the Firm in 2006. 

Interestingly, before joining the legal profession, Sanaya was working as a Tour Consultant pursuing her dreams to travel round the World.

A passion for law led to this change of heart, which the Firm recognized and gave her a sound platform by allowing her to handle a variety of commercial litigation matters. She soon found her calling in Alternate Dispute Resolution Practices and has made it her forte. 

Not only has she been extensively involved in both domestic & international arbitration, but she is also a trained mediator from LEADR, Australia.

She is also an Associate Member of LEADR, Association of Dispute Resolvers and a member of Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa.

Additionally, she has authored papers on ‘Censorship - An Eyewash’ and ‘Protect Privacy, Preserve Anonymity’ and has also successfully completed following courses:

  • Diploma in cyber law from Asian School of Cyber laws;
  • Advanced Course on Copyright and Related Rights” from World Intellectual Property Organization;
  • Diploma in Media Laws from the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR) University of Law, Hyderabad;
  • A Beginners Module from NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM).

Apart from the above, she has successfully completed 4 levels of French from Alliance Francaise de Bombay and understands elementary level of Spanish as well. 

Appreciating her dedication and immense hard work, she was inducted as Partner of the Firm in 2009, thereby setting an example as to how young and vibrant talents are groomed and rewarded by the Firm. Some of the remarkable matters handled by her include the following:

  • An interim order restraining a nationalised bank from making any further illegal debits from account of an export trading house in connection with the alleged erroneous entry in the EEFC (Dollars) Account.
  • A precedent setting judgment of the Supreme Court of India in favour of a governmental undertaking granting export insurance permitting the insurer to receive more than what has been paid by it to the insured under the policy, in the event the insured recovers more on a future date from the original contract, to which the insurer is not a party.
  • Successfully defended the Directors of a governmental undertaking granting export insurance in a contempt petition filed by the insured.
  • Fetched relief to a music director in his matrimonial dispute in the family court wherein the Court ordered that no maintenance be paid to the wife if she does not disclose her income truthfully.
  • Obtained orders against an Indian developer in an international commercial arbitration from using the drawings, plans and designs either in soft or hard copy submitted by one of the largest globally reputed architectural and engineering consultancy firm.
  • Successful in obtaining orders for a banking giant, being third party under RTI Act, including injunction against postal authorities from delivering the packet to the information seeker.
  • Vetting of General Insurance Policy for the largest private sector general insurance company in India for their application for certification under the Guidelines on ‘File and Use’ Requirements for filing of General Insurance Product with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

Mr. Mayur Bhojwani
Mayur Bhojwani, a commerce graduate, joined MKA as a trainee immediately after his L.L.B. in 2006.

With yet another trendsetting example of recognizing and grooming in-house talent, Mayur Bhojwani has been admitted as a Partner in April, 2012. His relentless support, strengthening the criminal practice of the Firm, paved way for him to achieve this milestone. He has indeed become an inspiration for all the young trainees/associates by his hard work, dedication and commitment to quality work.

While competently assisting senior partners in variety of civil matters as well, he gradually developed inclination and specialization in corporate criminal litigation by attending several high profile matters in various Courts across the country including the Supreme Court of India.

During his tenure with MKA, he has the following achievements to his credit:

  • Obtained interim relief by way of injunction from the Hon’ble Supreme Court in a challenge to the recent Judgment delivered by the Full Bench of the Hon’ble Bombay High Court holding that Police cannot seize immovable property u/s. 102 of the Cr.P.C.
  • Procured a thumping Order of disclosure of assets by the Defendants at the threshold of proceedings filed for recovery of fraudulently siphoned funds of Provident Fund Trusts, which Order was also upheld by the Division Bench.
  • In connected criminal proceedings successfully opposed Anticipatory Bail Application & Bail Application preferred by the Accused, resulting in rejection of Anticipatory Bail to prime Accused, while Co-Accused were released on bail after being in Police Custody for 14 days.
  • Successfully defended criminal complaints filed against directors & officials of a leading private sector Bank, resulting in amicable settlement of disputes between the Bank and defaulting borrowers from Madhya Pradesh who are established corporate entities offering services in Food Processing / Beverages, several cross-proceedings initiated by the respective parties in various fora across the country including Criminal Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Company Law Board, 3 different High Courts & the Supreme Court.
  • Effectively defended winding up proceedings against an engineering giant in the Hon’ble Bombay High Court.
  • Obtained stay on execution of warrant against the Managing Director of a leading Private Sector Bank within 24 hours of the matter being entrusted to the Firm.
  • Obtained transit bail for the Directors of India’s largest Media & Production House in connection with a complaint filed for cheating and criminal breach of trust in Jharkhand.
  • Clinched an Order from the Hon’ble Bombay High Court staying further proceedings in a criminal complaint against the Managing Director of a diversified conglomerate with a portfolio of manufacturing as well as service sector business, concerning forgery.
  • Successfully defended the Senior Management of India’s largest Private Sector Bank, resulting in quashing of criminal complaint filed by one its customers for cheating and criminal breach of trust.
  • Procured stay on further investigation in connection with the FIR filed by a tenant against the Trustees of a 200 year old Public Trust which engages in charitable activities.
  • Procuring an order from the Hon’ble Bombay High Court (Vacation Bench) staying further proceedings against a leading Private Sector Bank under Sec. 328A of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1888 concerning use of illuminated signboards at its various branches.
  • Successfully facilitated settlement between the parties on behalf of a lead consortium Bank in Arbitration proceeding initiated by the licensor for termination of license granted to a Port Trust.